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Paul Ryan Responds to Factually Inaccurate New York Times Story
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congressman Paul Ryan placed a correction request in response to a factual error in today’s New York Times front page story “Greece, Debt, and a Lesson” (David Leonhardt, A1, 5/12/10,).  Leonhardt writes that Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposal H.R. 4529, A Roadmap for America’s Future, would “end Medicare for anyone now under 55 years old.”  That is factually not true.  Ryan’s Roadmap remains the only plan certified by the Congressional Budget Office that averts Medicare’s implosion and ensures its permanent solvency.  Saving a program from its imminent demise is the antithesis to ending a program.

Congressman Paul Ryan also submitted the following Letter to Editor:

To the Editor:

I am hopeful that your reporting on the situation in Greece can help spur action here at home to avert our own debt crisis.  Yet your recent front page story (5/12/10 - “Greece, Debt, and a Lesson”) provides a troubling reminder of why forging specific solutions remains so vexing, as David Leonhardt grossly mischaracterized what remains the only proposed solution to lift our crushing burden of debt.  Leonhardt reports that my reform plan, A Roadmap for America’s Future, would “end Medicare for anyone now under 55 years old.”  This is factually inaccurate.

Under my plan, Medicare would be reformed for those under 55 by slowing its projected explosion of growth, giving future beneficiaries the resources and choices they need to secure a plan for themselves, with additional assistance for those with greater needs.  Under my plan, Medicare’s level of funding per beneficiary continues to grow every single year and Medicare outlays exceed $1 trillion dollars by 2022.  Far from ending Medicare, my plan reforms the program to save it for future generations.

In addition to irresponsible politicians continuing to make promises that cannot be kept, tackling our fiscal crisis must also overcome sloppy journalism that echoes factually incorrect partisan attacks. The continued demagoguery on entitlement reform exacerbates our plunge toward a debt crisis – the surest way to cripple our social safety net. We can – and we must – do better.


Paul Ryan
Wisconsin’s First District Congressman
Ranking Member House Budget Committee
20 South Main Street, #10
Janesville, WI 53545