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The Future of Health Care Reform: Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” and Its Critics
by Robert Moffit, Ph.D. and Kathryn Nix
Friday, December 03, 2010

Abstract: The future of health care in America looks grim—but it does not have to be.  Representative Paul Ryan (R–WI) has proposed “A Roadmap for America’s Future”—the only comprehensive plan in Washington that deals with the looming fiscal and economic crisis, driven by ever-increasing government spending on health care.  Ryan’s Roadmap would reduce the deficit, allow Medicare to become truly sustainable, establish equity and efficiency in the federal tax treatment of health insurance, and improve access to health care for middle-class and low-income families.  Congressman Ryan’s critics have accused him of trying to destroy the Medicare system and claim that the Roadmap will increase the deficit. While they may have honed the harshness of their rhetoric, they have not offered a comparable alternative.  Heritage Foundation health policy experts explain how the Ryan Roadmap would really work, and how it would benefit Americans.

Read more from Moffit & Nix: http://heritage.org/Research/Reports/2010/12/The-Future-of-Health-Care-Reform-Paul-Ryan-s-Roadmap-and-Its-Critics

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